Welcome To The Sea Shell Group

The Seashell Group constitutes the company’s multi-industry approach to delivering above and beyond the line. These sister companies help to create a customer-centric eco-system that addresses a wide variety of needs and wants.With an ever growing customer base, we are now poised to expand even wider in the region and beyond. one cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well


Restaurants & Cafeterias

“No food leaves our kitchen that we ourselves would not eat"

The Sea Shell chain of over 40 restaurants is committed to offering a delightful fast food experience to our customers, every time.

We believe that access to good food is one of the fundamental components of modern life. A visit to a Sea Shell restaurant is made up great food, a welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, and great customers.

We have worked hard to make sure that our menu is always updated with tasty and innovative food items. This dedication to customer satisfaction is complemented with the integrity and commitment to quality that is a part of every Sea Shell process.

“One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well”

Characteristics: Joyful ambience | High standard quality food | Excellent service | Experienced staffs and qualified chefs


“Everything you need under one roof”

The Sea Shell Mini Mart is an attempt to build on Sea Shell’s unique quality and dedication to customer service and address the constantly evolving needs of our clients.

The Sea Shell Mini Mart brings quality, affordability and variety under one roof – to deliver a convenient, comfortable and reliable retailing experience that grows with our clients and their needs.

Sea Shell’s sister companies and world-class partners help the Sea Shell Mini Mart to stand out from the crowd thanks to the consistently high quality, fresh products and reasonable prices.

Fresh products | Reasonable price | Friendly service

“ We live by honesty and integrity, With our minds we create an excellent place to shop”

Sea Shore Foodstuff Trading

“We focus on freshness” 

Sea Shore Foodstuff Trading is one of the key contributors to the success of the Sea Shell chain.

Sea Shore Foodstuff Trading facilitates restaurant operations by supplying all types of perishable and non-perishable products. The establishment of Sea Shore Foodstuff Trading has allowed for the structured adoption and implementation of internationally accepted quality, safety and hygiene protocols.

The Sea Shore Foodstuff Trading facility is located in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi - with purpose-built chillers and freezers.We deliver value customer service and convenience within an exceedingly demanding commercial environment.

Sea Pack Plastic Trading

Sea Pack Plastic Trading was created in response to the urgent need for a reliable supplier of high-quality food-grade plastic packaging. This helped to connect the Sea Shell chain of restaurants directly with a supplier that could be trusted to meet constantly evolving needs as well as the expectations of the rapidly growing chain.

Sea Pack Plastic Trading has quickly taken its place as an active supplier of customized plastic products, designed to facilitate modern restaurant operations across the board.

The continuously expanding portfolio of products offers a versatile variety of sizes and advanced packaging options, guaranteed to help reduce operational costs while contributing to the end-user value at the same time.

SeaShell Catering

The SeaShell Catering service was introduced in response to the near-cult status of the SeaShell chain of restaurants. The catering service works to produce SeaShell’s signature range of delicious food, as well as customized culinary experiences, prepared and plated to specifications.

The SeaShell Catering service contributes proudly to the success of events by providing gourmet food for all types and sizes of events. It is because of the same reason that a growing number of corporate and individual clients continue to trust the SeaShell Catering Service.

The service operates through a dedicated catering staff, committed to creating a memorable experience through SeaShell’s world-class culinary offerings.


Seashell bakery always strives for excellent quality and service. we follow the highest standards of baking possible. we make use of pristine health to do all 

Our pest control and deep cleaning. we use only the freshest ingredient to prepare mouthwatering sweets that is guaranteed to satisfy your every bite.

Real Estate

A warm noble welcome to you from the Seashell Real Estate team. We are offering a complete property experience and work in pursuit of service excellence. We are committed to every area of the real estate industry